About Black Brook

Welcome to Black Brook! We are a small Town in Clinton County, New York. The area was first settled around 1825 and the Town was formed from part of Peru in 1839. Early industry here included farming, mining, and smelting iron.

Black Brook is named after a stream that flows through the Town, located on the Southeast corner of Clinton County and inside the beautiful Adirondack Park.

We are also lucky enough to have the Au Sable River run through the Town, and to boast the title “Wild Trout Fly Fishing Destination”.

Black Brook has 134.3 square miles of which 130 square miles is land and 4.4 miles is water. Lakes in this area include:

  • Silver Lake
    One mile wide and three miles long and is spring fed, with chiefly summer residences. A larger portion of the Lake is State owned and is deemed “Forever Wild”, free from future sale or development.
  • Fern Lake
    One mile across and two miles long with the deepest part at 22 feet. Fern Lake is located six miles from the Southwest Hamlet of Au Sable Forks in the Town of Black Brook. The local residents will tell you that this lake is one of the small “Jewels” in the Adirondack Crown. Fishing enthusiasts enjoy catching Bullhead, Pike, Bass, Jack Perch and Walleye here.
  • Taylor Pond
    Just under a mile wide and three miles long with the deepest part at 95 feet. Boating, camping, fishing and hiking can be enjoyed here, as Taylor Pond is stocked with Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon and surplus brood stock from Adirondack Fish Hatchery. Other species include: Brown Bullhead, Pumpkinseed, Yellow Perch, and Rainbow Smelt.

The outlet of Union Falls pond is a reservoir of the Saranac River and is in the West part of Town.

Communities and locations in Black Brook

Au Sable Forks

A hamlet on the south town line at the Au Sable River and NY-9N. It extends into the town of Jay on the south side of the river.

Black Brook

The hamlet of Black Brook is in the south part of the town, northwest of Au Sable Forks.


A hamlet on the north town line.

Devins Corners

A hamlet in the northeast part of the town.

East Kilns

A hamlet northwest of Black Brook village on Silver Lake Road.

Fern Lake

A lake north of Black Brook village.


A hamlet at the east end of Silver Lake.

Middle Kilns

A location between East Kilns and West Kilns on Forestdale Road.


A hamlet on Route 3 in the northwest corner of the town.

Silver Lake

A lake in the western part of the town.


A hamlet north of Black Brook village.

Taylor Pond

A lake in the southwest part of the town, south of Silver Lake.


A hamlet on the town line in the southeast part of the town.

Union Falls

A hamlet on the west town line.

Union Falls Pond

A lake partly inside the west town line.

West Kilns

A hamlet in the southwest corner of Black Brook.

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